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Hoyt Street Properties Encourages Alternative Transportation Options


Championing an active, eco-friendly lifestyle in Portland’s Pearl District, Hoyt Street Properties is promoting alternative modes of transportation. In addition to creating pedestrian-friendly communities, the developer is encouraging homebuyers to embrace the possibility of limited car usage. Advocating for fun, convenient transportation alternatives, Hoyt is offering future residents of The Encore the choice of: a colorful cruiser bicycle, a streetcar pass, a pair of walking shoes from REI, or a Flexcar membership.

“The cruiser bicycles are a great way for residents of The Encore to explore their new neighborhood,” said Tiffany Sweitzer, Hoyt Street Properties President/CEO. “From riding along the river to cruising into the heart of The Pearl for dinner, residents will enjoy a healthy mode of transportation without having to hassle with unnecessary car usage or parking.”

With unmatched proximity to the area’s largest planned park, The Encore will offer access to green spaces, the Willamette riverfront, and the greater Pearl District neighborhood. The building’s location on NW Overton Street between 9th and 10th Avenue will provide close-in, easy access to an array of options for urban dwellers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

“Those who choose walking shoes from REI will be comfortable strolling to art galleries on First Thursday and to summer concerts in neighborhood parks,” Sweitzer noted. “Others will discover the convenience of a streetcar pass or a Flexcar membership, which will allow them to get out and experience all that the city has to offer.”

Slated for occupancy in Summer 2008, The Encore will realize the possibility of limited car dependency and even car-free living. The building will house a lower-level parking garage so that residents can safely store vehicles if they opt to travel the neighborhood by bike, on foot, or via public transit. “By encouraging homebuyers to explore alternative transportation options for commuting and for leisure, we invite them to immerse themselves in the pedestrian-friendly design that makes the Pearl District unique,” Sweitzer said. “We are proud that developers from around the world continue to visit Portland to study this working model of responsible urban renewal.”

Complete details about The Encore are now available at the Hoyt Realty Group showroom, which is located in the Pearl District at 1130 NW 10th Avenue.

For more information about The Encore, click here.

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