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North Campus: Alternate 1

Detail From HOYT. Master Plan (pg. 19)

In this variation, the primary building use type is assumed to be office.

  • The plaza has been moved to occupy the south portion of Block 23. This allows visual connection from The Fields Park and moves the active hub 200 feet further south.
  • An office tower terminates 13th street, creating a strong visual focal point.
  • Block 29 is connected to the building tower on Block 27, and can provide significant parking support for all the buildings in this zone.
  • The green space along the northeast diagonal of the campus is expanded, offering opportunities for private plazas to be located on the view side of each office building and for a dedicated overlook point. The view corridor along 12th street is left open, for clear views of the Fremont Bridge.
  • The Block 26 tower, which will feature affordable housing, has been rotated to an east-west access and moved to the south edge of that block, where it can dialogue directly with the similar use building across NW Quimby.


North Campus Alternate 1